Mounting the Animated GIF Player to a Hydration pack

Mounting the Animated GIF Player to a Hydration pack

In this post we will be mounting the


to a Lunchbox Hydration pack. (approx. 20min)

What you will need: 

  • Animated GIF Player
  • Animated GIF Player Template
  • Hobby knife or exacto knife
  • Cardboard(to place under the skin)
  • Tape
  • Lunchbox Skin(be aware you will be making holes into the skin)



Step 1:

Place the cardboard under the Lunchbox skin.  This will be used to protect the table underneath.


Step 2:

Place the Animated GIF Player Template on the Lunchbox skin in the desired position.  Tape the Template to the Lunchbox skin

 Step 3:

Using the exacto knife, cut an ‘X’ in the 4 holes of the Template.

Make sure the knife cuts all the way through the layers of the Lunchbox skin.

Step 4:

Remove the template and turn the Lunchbox skin over.

Using the hobby knife, go over the ‘X’s made in the previous step.


Step 5:

At this point, if you are not going to use grommets, you can push the long part of the mounting screws through the skin.


Step 6:(optional):

If grommets will be installed.

To help the grommet pass through the ‘X’ made in step 4, you may need to make the ‘hole’ larger by cutting away some fabric(make the hole no larger than ¼ inch).  You can also use a hole punch if the punch style grommet tool is used.

Place the grommet tool(with grommet) thru the hole, place the other half of the grommet over the pin of the grommet tool and clamp(make sure you apply enough pressure to crimp the grommet pieces together).  Do this for all 4 holes.


Step 7:

Make a slit  just left of center for the power cable.

Use a piece of tape as a guide and make a slit(vertical or horizontal) about ½ inch in length.


Step 8:

Running the power cable.

Run the power cable along the back thru the lightshow loops, from the top, to the bottom.


Step 9:

Run the power cable thru the slit from the back of the Lunchbox skin to the front.


Step 10:

Plug in the power cable to the Animated GIF Player.


Step 11:

Mount the Animated GIF Player to the Lunchbox skin using the screws.  Tighten the screws.  Plug the power cable into a USB power bank and attach the skin to the Lunchbox hydration bag.



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