FULL COLOR Programmable LED Face Mask

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 FULL COLOR RGB Programmable LED Face Mask.

Our FULL COLOR programmable LED Facemask is the ULTIMATE smart facemask. Lightweight and made to offer the most comfort while displaying animations, scrolling text, or your own digital designs in FULL COLOR!  Other LED facemasks only have 4 colors in set locations.  Our smart facemask allows you to use a rainbow of colors in your text, background, or image.  The pre-made animations are fun, colorful and does not require the app to select them.

Connect via Bluetooth from your iOS or Android phone using the free App to customize your LED Facemask


  • Pre-made animations(does not require app)
  • DIY/Create your own images
  • Static/Scrolling Text - set color of text and background and scroll speed/direction
  • Music visualizer
  • App-Controlled
  • Washable fabric mask, easily REMOVE the LED panel and electronics.
  • Adjustable ear loops and nose strip for comfort.
  • Easily power on/off by holding a button
  • Rechargeable using the included micro USB power adapter.
  • Great for Raves, Music Festivals, and so much more.

 Our LED FULL COLOR Face Mask uses the latest and innovative technology.  It can display text, images, and animations controlled from your mobile device.  The possibilities are limitless.  Scroll text left/right, control the scroll speed, change the color of the text(single/rainbow), change the color of the background(single/rainbow). Select from many colorful, trippy, and fun pre-loaded animations.  Draw your own images.  Display the name/logo of your favorite music artist/dj.  Show off your own digital artwork or use your mobile device's microphone to display colorful music visualizer.


  • Washable dual-layer cotton and mesh material
  • Removable flexible LED panel and controller
  • Rechargeable battery(internal, non-removable from controller)
  • Micro-USB cable for charging
  • PM2.5 Filter(1)

Care and Maintenance:

LED Panel and Electronics: Easily remove the LED panel from the mask and wipe clean using alcohol or an electronics cleaner. Do not use water near the LED panel or  USB charging port. , Wipe gently. Do not scrub.  DO NOT WASH OR SUBMERGE LED PANEL IN WATER OR OTHER LIQUID.

Fabric mask: Once LED panel and electronics are removed from the fabric mask: machine Wash fabric mask | Cold - DO NOT TUMBLE DRY


LEDs 2 RAVE 4, LLC makes no claim or warranties(expressed or implied) that this facemask prevents infection or the transmission of viruses or diseases.