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Dream Skin v2

Dream Skin v2

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The Dream Skin v2

A Premium LED SKIN Panel for your Lunchbox Hydration pack


The new Dream LED Skin v2 boasts 1024 LEDs meaning it is a higher resolution from v1 and is a smaller size(LEDs closer together) allowing images to be visible and clear from a smaller distance.  The most awaited feature is here,  mobile device connectivity/control.  Using the Bluetooth connection on your mobile device and the app, you can download animated gifs or images from the internet(saved in the camera roll), load them into the app, then upload them directly to the Dream LED Skin v2.  Also, create scrolling text of your favorite DJ,/Artist or catch phrase.  Another feature is.....PLAYLISTS!!! Yes, create a list of animations for your Dream LED Skin v2 to play in the order you wish.  Just load and go, then, when you decide, change the animations playing on your Dream LED Skin v2.  All animations/playlists will be saved on your mobile device and/or create an account on the app and upload/download them to/from the cloud.  Also browse from user created animations and download your favorites.

Create animations in just a few seconds and send it to the Dream Skin v2!!
  • Send animated GIFs directly from your mobile device!!!
  • Scroll Text!!!
  • Create Playlists!!!
  • 1024 RGB LEDs!!!
  • Graffiti mode!!!
  • Customize animations using the app!!!
  • Easy to use app!!!
  • Animations saved on your device!!!
  • NO SD CARDS!!!
  • NO COMPUTER REQUIRED!!! Just your mobile device!!!
  • For USE with ALL LUNCHBOX hydration pack versions(not included)
  • Holographic material will shimmer and shine in wonderful colors of the spectrum
  • Bluetooth app controllable both iOS and Android version are available.
  • Adjustable Speed of animations
  • Adjustable Brightness
  • Powered by a USB power bank (the type you charge your phone - not included)
  • Flexible - Please note: Flexible PCBs are not designed for repeated flexing! We do not offer any guarantees or refunds if you end up cracking the LEDs or traces.
  • Lightweight
  • Lasts the night! 15+ hours (tested with 10000mah power bank)
  • 20 frame limit for each animation.  Playlists can be created for longer animations
  • comes with USB on/off switch
  • Mobile device not included



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