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DreamBox Conversion Kit

DreamBox Conversion Kit

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DreamBox LED inserts

Side and top LED coverage for your CLEAR Lunchbox Hydration pack 

Your Lunchbox will be like no other hydration pack in this universe!!!

Transform your CLEAR LUNCHBOX hydration pack version into a DreamBox with this conversion kit. It features 3584 RGB LEDs across 3 separate LED full color panels, ability to display GIFs, scrolling text, custom animations, an easy to use app, and adjustable speed and brightness. Send GIFs directly from your mobile device and create playlists without the need for a computer or SD cards. Powered by a USB power bank(not included), app is available in both iOS and Android versions.  

Featuring semi-rigid and removeable inserts that fit snuggly into the CLEAR Lunchbox, this kit is designed to follow the form of the hydration pack keeping the panels in place for best visibility and to ensure your hydration pack stays intact throughout your festival experience- no more collapsed or flat hydration packs!  Ships in 7-10 days as these are hand assembled.

Please allow 7-10 business days to ship as each order is hand assembled.

Note: this will reduce or prevent access to the hydration bladder via the side port of the hydration pack.

  • Send animated GIFs directly from your mobile device!!!
  • Scroll Text!!!
  • Create Playlists!!!
  • 3 separate LED full color panels for a total of 3584 RGB LEDs!!! 1 top panel(1536 LEDS), 2 bottom side panels(1024 LEDs each).
  • Graffiti mode!!!
  • Customize animations using the app!!!
  • Easy to use app!!!
  • Animations saved on your device!!!
  • NO SD CARDS!!!
  • NO COMPUTER REQUIRED!!! Just your mobile device!!!
  • For USE with the CLEAR LUNCHBOX hydration pack version(not included)
  • Bluetooth app controllable both iOS and Android version are available.
  • Adjustable Speed of animations
  • Adjustable Brightness(recommended setting 15-20%)
  • Powered by a USB power bank (the type you charge your phone - not included)
  • Flexible - Please note: Flexible PCBs are not designed for hard folds or creasing! We do not offer any guarantees or refunds if you end up cracking the LEDs or traces.
  • Lightweight
  • Lasts the night! 15+ hours (tested with 10kmah power bank)
  • 20 frame limit for each animation.  Playlists can be created for longer animations
  • Mobile device not included



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